Since the 1980's as a store have been successfully breeding many different species of Tortoise. We supply the most popular breeds kept in the U.K. Take a look at our Tortoises for sale

Please ensure you have the correct equipment in caring for a tortoise before you proceed. 
 Tortoises need: U.V Light, Heat Lamp, Heat Mat, Thermometer, Substrate, Food and Water dishes, Vitamin and Calcium supplement, Food, and a Hide.  

If you are unsure please call us 01268 726216

We offer complete starter kits with everything you need in caring for a tortoises.

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UK Captive Bred 2017 Marginated Tortoises In Stock!

UK Captive Bred 2017 New Baby Giant Sulcata Tortoises for sale

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If you are concerned about hibernating your tortoise, please read our hibernation page or give us a call 01268 726216 

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Customers Tortoise Gallery

Below is a list of tortoises for sale, please feel free to browse through and get in touch with any questions. 
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