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Calcium Carbonate 250g Pure and natural. No Phosphorous. Easily digested. Material is crushed, milled, dried and screened, then milled and classified again to produce a product of exceptional purity and consistency. Pure calcium for all reptiles and amphibians. Ground micro fine to a particle size of less than 300 microns for adhesion to live insect. Dust insects before feeding. Sprinkle on vegetables and meat. Remember that, to enable your animal to utilise calcium in its diet, it needs adequate exposure to appropriate UVB lighting or dietary Vitamin D3 or a combination of both. Place a dish of dry calcium in with any animals with a high requirement (such as egg laying). You cannot overdose calcium on its own, but please avoid smothering food with it so as to make the food unpalatable to the animal. Can be mixed with other diets to increase calcium content


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