Answered Questions

Q: “Hi i wonder if you can give me an idea on the age of my horsfield whos shell measures 7cms from front to back. many thanks.“ 
A: At that size i would guess its about 18 months old

Q: “Hi when are you getting more Horsfields in stock n will my 13month old male take to another“ 
A: We are expecting more Horsfields at the end of the month. There is not guarantee they will get on with each other and you might need to seperate them

Q: “hi i have a greek spur thigh tortoise had a few months,i keep getting conflickton advice on what he can eat could any one help me please.“ 
A: Try to vary its diet as much as possible. Weeds from the garden are the best things for it. They can also eat salad leaves and veg, just be carefull not to over feed it

Q: “should i get a horsfield or hermann living in a very wet north of scotland?“ 
A: You will be better with a Hermann as Horsfields do not tolerate damp or wet conditions. Saying that you should not leave any tortoise outside on a wet day

Q: “hay i bought two tortoises of you and 1 seems two sleep more than the other ? its this normal they are Herman tortoises “ 
A: Hi Tom, The first thing to do is check your temperature, they should be kept about 80f. Also try bathing it, This usually livens them up a bit

Q: “Im looking to start a tortoise tank what is exactly everything i need and what kind of tortoise should i buy im looking for one cheap and stays a smaller size thank you“ 
A: You will need a heat lamp and U.V light to keep a tortoise. It is also a good idea to have a thermometer so you can keep an eye on the temperature. Tortoises should always be given a calcium and vitamin supplement. You will also need bedding and food and water dishes. Hermanns and Horsfields are both very good tortoises and only grow to around 20cm

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