About The Tortoise Centre

Since the 1980's we have been successfully breeding many different species of Tortoise and we are the U.K's number 1 tortoise breeder & supplier. We are part of the Wilton Pet Centre, a large independent pet shop situated in Pound lane, Basildon, Essex. We are involved in many C.I.T.E.S approved breeding projects around the world producing high quality captive bred baby tortoises such as Sulcata's, Leopards, Red foots, Sri Lankan and Indian stars. We always carry other species of tortoises in store, such as Hermans, Marginated and Horsefields, along with Spur thigh tortoises.

At the tortoise centre we offer a full range of Tortoises accessories and vivariums both online and in store. Also a wide range of pets including reptiles, exotic birds and many dry goods. We can delivery a variety of livestock and dry goods.


We accept all debit & credit cards over the phone, once the transaction is complete these details are deleted and are not stored.


Whilst we make every effort to maintain correct prices, they do sometimes fluctuate, should a product be incorrectly priced on the website and is chosen in your order, we will not process your order and no charge will be taken from your card until we have contacted you. We will inform you of the revised price and leave it for you to decide whether to continue with your order.
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