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VIVA Small Dimensions (mm): Width 575, Depth 490, Height 434

VIVA Small Tortoise starter kit includes:

Vivarium, heat lamp and holder, u.v light and starter unit, heat mat, hide, food and water dishes, complete diet, calcium and vitamin supplement, thermometer and bedding.
Some items may vary from the image. 

Stylish and modern, Vivexotic Viva Terrestrial Vivariums not only provide a distinctive piece of furniture for you but also provide a permanent home for your pet.
Redesigned, effective ventilation has been built in to the stylish aluminium door rails which allows you to use additional backgrounds without blocking the vents. 
We've also improved the dimensions to create more floor space for your reptile and adjusted the height to provide an optimum distance from the UV lighting.
Improved security means all Viva glass sliding doors are pre-drilled and come with a plastic 'Slidestopper' 


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