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Ready-to-use, diluted veterinary F10 disinfectant. Diluted to a 1:250 concentration, Available in a 1000ml 'ready-to-use' hand friendly bottle together with spray. The core product F10SC VETERINARY DISINFECTANT is a high performance surface acting biocidal compound and due to its inherently low toxicity and low irritation characteristics is widely used within the veterinary profession in companion and large animal practices, referral hospitals, zoo's, laboratories, and various other institutions. It is used in numerous applications, i.e. cold sterilisation of instruments and equipment including endoscopes, intravenous catheters, and endotrachael tubes; high level disinfection of hard surfaces and air spaces, water treatment, and as a sanitising rinse for solid food and fruit. Fogging with F10SC VETERINARY DISINFECTANT , (a spray of fine mist-like droplets) has been shown to be 100%effective in eliminating airborne micro-organisms.


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