Tortoises Gallery November
Spur thigh tortoise with buddy

our Spur thigh tortoise Sketch chilling in the sunshine with her buddie, Luna the dog!
tortoise with sooty

This is my tortoise with her dog sooty
Ernie the tortoise

and here he is, Ernie :-)
George The Tortoise

i got george of you 2 years ago and i love him lots !!!!!
humphrey frankie and benny the horsefields

Humphrey,frankie & benny, my horsefields x
Petunias and Pansis

Frankie & Humphrey enjoying petunias & pansies x
Meldrew the Dwarf Hermann Tortoise

This is Meldrew, the Dwarf Hermann I bought from you back in August. As you can see he's doing well and is very happy in his new home. We love him to bits! :oD
Comet and Star

happy to say comet and star have settled in nicely :0) x
clever tortoise

My little guy is so clever, he can get himself in and out of his viv at his own leisure - he took to it like a natural !!!
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