George the Tortoise

GEORGE IS READY TO PROTECT HIS GARGEN FROM THE RIOTS! NOTE: George was not harmed nor was the spikes drilled through his shell!
Winston the Dwarf Hermann Tortoise

Winston, my new Dwarf hermann settling in! :D
Shelldon the Dwarf Hermann Tortoise

This is Shelldon my 1 year old dwarf Hermann tortoise we bought from you a few weeks ago. He is settling in well.
Tortoise with lettece on head

my wee tortoise with lettece on his head dnt no how he managed that haha x
Pand and Eri Tortoises

My two spur thigh tortoises Pandora and Eric
Bryn the Tortoise

My little Hermanns tortoise Bryn. He's so cute
Tortoise with Chihauhay

a little paddle with my chihauhau buddies

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