Tortoises Gallery September
Terrence the Tortoise

My new addition,a 7yr old Herman we have named Terrence :)
Sigourney the Leopard Tortoise

This is my Female Leopard Tortoise *Sigourney* she is 6 years old and she loves to walk about in the living room and eat her weeds - grass - wet food. Cant wait till she is full-grown.
Turbo the Hermann Tortoise

Turbo, my 2 month old hermanns :-)
Ella and Friends

Ella and friends :)
Ella the Tortoises

Ella decending the rockery after eating my Alpines :/
5 year old spur Tortoise

This is my 5 year old Spur Fidget enjoying sun and Plaintain!
Tortoise Kooper

Tortoise Horace

Horace in his new house
Tortoise Alvin and friend

Alvin with his spring friend!!!
Tortoise Alvin munching

Alvin munching on some kale!!!

Horace our tortoise :-)
Jazzy the Terrapin

This is Jazzy our new terrapin :-)
Lola Horsefield

Lola my 3yr old Horsefield
Oscar the Horsefield

Oscar my 3yr old Horsefield
Milo the Tortoise

this is milo our dwarf herman purchased from wilton pets he is now 3 yrs old chillaxin in style on his own cushion hes the light of our lives thankyou xx
Ella the Hermans

This is Ella. My beloved 40yr old Hermans.
Claude Spur Thighed Tortoise

this is claude a 3year old spur thighed tortoise
Humphrey the tortoise

Humphrey in his make shift house ?
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